Great article, definitely worth reading! Some «wishes» I would add are:

  • Plugins support is a compelling feature of every modern IDE. Cloud9 used to have a very strong ecosystem. A must have.
  • Support for IAM roles to enable federated users in CodeStar. Federated users are the way an organization can handle employee logins efficiently, without requiring them to maintain a set of credentials. This is a missing feature.
  • Would be great if CodeStar could support anonymous users thus enabling dashboard public sharing (or maybe within a VPC). Nice to have.
  • CodeStar and Cloud9 should support third-party git repos, such as GitLab and GitLab/GitHub flow. Plugin support solves this, allowing integrations.
  • Serverless Framework has two great features, actually missing in SAM/SAMLocal: plugin support and external variables (i.e. injected as env vars from CI, from HSM or S3). In many scenarios. This is a must-have for projects lifecycle management

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