re:Invent 2017 — Shall disruption begin..

Every year Amazon Web Services (AWS) gathers people from all around the world in what has become one of the most relevant event in the innovation landscape.

This year makes no exception, but the menu has been slightly modified since previous years: instead of two focal points discussing all the announcements in a short amount of minutes, AWS decided for pattern that could be called Continuous Announcing :-)

Still, no official data has been published about the number of attendants, but if first feeling matters, this re:Invent is going to be huge: people everywhere looking for a seat in a breakout session or stepping in line at any general activity.

A lot of people from Italy are here to make this conference the most italian ever. To me it has been a great occasion to catch up with a number of friends from around Europe:

Italian crowd at London Heathrow, ready to fly

These numbers come at a cost, and more than one person has complained about the logistic, distances to be covered between one location and another or endless queues just to be cut out from a session.

Anyway, every trouble has been re-payed during the first day with a couple of announcements that can be defined just “disruptive.”

AWS announced the General Availability of a set of tools that can significantly simplify any video production/processing/streaming workflow: AWS Elementals Suite. A complete description of each tool can be found here ( but a special mention goes to MediaTailor which can insert personalize advertising to users viewing a video streaming, just providing a decision server endpoint. This feature could revamp the advertising market, adding personalization and tailoring of any video. Full disclosure: at Neosperience we have a special interest in such capability because opens a new set of applications for our Neosperience Psychographic Engine, allowing for tailored advertising, based on your personality profile. More info here (

Augmented and Virtual Reality markets are riding the hype of discussion since Apple added AR support to its iOS 11. Today Amazon showed that the production landscape still is a yet to be conquered space, announcing a design tool, named Amazon Sumerian: designers and 3D artists can build their AR/VR projects from scratch and bring them into production with unprecedented quality.

Shifting from announcements to the conference, one of the hottest topics of this year is everything is around Artificial Intelligence, and AWS provides a set of tools that can fit almost every need:

Amazon Machine Learning layers stack

Besides, Amazon released a couple of months ago its Deep Learning framework and it is worth a look since AWS Gluon ( is an abstraction layer over existing frameworks providing primitives to implement Neural Network layers with a dynamic structure.

More on this will be discussed in a future article because Amazon frameworks deserve a deep dive, but just dynamic neural network structure is worth the time spent checking this out.

The other hottest topic of this re:Invent is Serverless computing, but this is a topic for another day (of announcements and sessions).



Chief Technology Officer at Neosperience. Loves speaking about Serverless, ML, and Blockchain. ServerlessDays Milano co-organizer. Opinions are my own.

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