re:Invent 2017 — The Day of the Serverless

UPDATE: a few Serverless sessions are live on youtube. Check them out! (

NOTE: this post is part 2 of a streak on AWS 2017 re:Invent. Articles are self-contained, however, here is part 1. I make the assumption you know very well what Serverless programming is. If you need a refresh, refer to .

We always knew it.

Since 2014 when AWS Lambda announcement, we knew were facing an unprecedented shift in services development. Also, our expectations have never been more real than now. Serverless ecosystem grew steadily year after year, yet it is at its early stage.

During this year conference, AWS folks did not miss the expectations, showing how Serverless is more a principle than a specific technology. Serverless computing is based on four main assumptions:

  • no server management
  • flexible scaling
  • high availability
  • never pay for idle

So, every service that matches these requirements can be defined Serverless and becomes part of the ecosystem. Following this path, some companies other than AWS presented at their solution. A particular mention goes to MongoDB

MongoDB stitch





Finally, AWS during this put a lot of focus on democratizing Machine Learning with a lot of mind-blowing announcements, but this is a story for another day.

Chief Technology Officer at Neosperience. Loves speaking about Serverless, ML, and Blockchain. ServerlessDays Milano co-organizer. Opinions are my own.

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