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Neosperience Team on March, 20th 2019

I usually write stories with the aim of providing value to readers. Today I make a kind of an exception since I would like to share some of my thoughts about the last few weeks.

On February, 20th 2019 Neosperience completed its IPO, thus becoming a public company listed on Italian Stock Exchange. We gathered together with teams, partners, customers, and friends to share the joy of such achievement. Because great moments need to be shared with all the people that made this possible: starting from our CEO, Dario Melpignano, to Luigi Linotto and all the many incredible human beings we met during all our story and that contributed to this moment.

I feel lucky because working with them since 2009 gave me the unique opportunity of living almost every instant of our story: It has been a fantastic journey from a startup working on mobile apps to a public company on the mission to bring empathy in the world of technology.

When I joined Neosperience more than a decade ago, we were a small team on a mission to take away the weight of technology from people, making their lives better, more comfortable and inclusive, in a word happier. It all started with mobile apps when developing for a mobile OS was a mess: Nokia just began its descent into oblivion, iPhone 3G has just been released, and Android was trying to reach its first release.

Then people started using mobile devices everywhere, phones and tables disrupted our world providing digital content from news, to streaming videos, to richer and context-aware experiences. Then came the cloud: we fell in love with the many capabilities of vendors taking away weight to IT system management, thus opening a new set of possibilities.

After a few years another disruption came with blockchain and artificial intelligence, and now we are just starting to figure out the many challenges this new wave of technology is going to bring to our lives.

At Neosperience we always considered new technologies as an opportunity. An opportunity not only to increase our productivity but also and foremost to provide value to our partners and customers, through a better understanding of the power of emotions.

Technology has always been here, becoming more and more pervasive on our lives, but still missing an important point, when dealing with a human being: empathy. Shifting from big data predictions to understanding people emotions is a challenge that can have a significant impact on our lives: interactions between human beings and technology becomes more empathic and capable of being there for people when they need most.

Everything we faced during the last decade, both opportunities and challenges were pushing our evolution towards this idea of a technology that becomes human, understanding humans and serves humans.

We worked hard, but it was worth it. Every single day. We also were lucky enough not to let down opportunities nor losing our faith in despair, even when difficulties seemed overwhelming. We made our way through obstacles we face as a team, becoming more than a group, as a family.

As a result, Neosperience evolved with us, becoming a living entity able to grow and change as we all changed through the years. Now Neosperience is something higher than every one of us: you can find elements representing Dario (our CEO), Luigi, Simonetta, Chiara our teams and even me, but it is shaped after none of us. Neosperience is more than that: it’s a living being, an ensemble of our best parts. I couldn’t be more proud and happy about this.
It’s quite obvious now asking ourselves what lies ahead, with a bit of fear and excitement. We have a mission and the most excellent team ever. I am thankful for every moment with them, because it’s an amazing opportunity to learn and grow together and to transfer this value to our product.

In the next months, I am going to share more details about how we built Neosperience Cloud, what challenges we faced and why we choose some architecture over others. Moreover, I am going to ask my team to join me into this sharing, to provide their point of view.

We’re also going to share code, architecture diagrams, business applications, and many other cutting edge stuffs.

Stay tuned; the trip is just at the beginning.

Would you like to embrace the challenge of making technology more inclusive with empathy? Go to and join our team!



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